Zoom Readings $190/60min $120/30min                             In Person Reading $250/60min

Psychic Mediumship Reading

Psychic mediumship reading. In this session, you will get a full reading on both types, or a full mediumship reading if you choose.                                                                  Up to three family members can join the reading for an extra $30 a person. 

In a mediumship reading, you are connected to your loved ones who have passed. I can not make anyone come through that you are expecting, but more often than not, the person you want does come through.      Be present with an open heart and mind for validations that come through. Please don’t give me any information about anyone you are trying to contact. Your loved ones will identify themselves with specific traits that only you would know and understand.

In a psychic reading, I guide you by tapping into my psychic abilities and with your spirit guides advising you on your life path where you receive answers and clarification on relationships, love, family, career, and your Soul’s journey. I use John Holland Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck, Rider Waite Tarot Deck, Crowley Thath Tarot Deck. You choose which deck you prefer.


Intuitive Coaching

I connect you with the wisdom and guidance of your unique Spirit Guide Team. Acting as a bridge between you and your guides allows you to hear the support and guidance your guides have to offer. This helps you move through challenges with ease and live in your purpose with confidence. I offer intuitive soul guidance on the blocks with the relationship to yourself, your partner or lack thereof, family relationships, and your career. I teach you how to tap into your intuition which you can access anytime and during  life challenges.  This session is a combination of  intuitive coaching, psychic mediumship,  and life path guidance on your soul’s journey.              

$140/60min $70/30min

Tarot Card Psychic Reading

Ask any question about a situation or an event.

Be guided with self empowering messages from your Spirit Guide Team about your life path and your soul’s journey.

 Spiritual Energy Healing

   $111/60 Min

Emotional and Spiritual wounds and events can cause traumatic imbalances in your energy field. 

My work lifts out the blockages and creates a clean energetic flow. Often when we are feeling stuck or just confused it is because of these imbalances. 

It is my pleasure to help you realign your chakras and grow spiritually

Gallery Gatherings

I am scheduling groups that allow privacy and intimacy to share messages from spirit. It is on a per occasion notice. Please contact me for pricing and scheduling.